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Flatbush Cricket Club

Welcome to the Flatbush Cricket Club. We are a community based local cricket club with the mission of providing enjoyable social and competitive cricket for all ages including junior and senior cricketers. We are a club full of fun and energy.

You will enjoy it even if you have never played cricket before!

Our club is primarily about cricket, we have a strong management structure within the club and our philosophy is to provide a welcoming, inclusive environment for all cricketers at all levels. Our home ground is at Barry Curtis Park Flatbush.

Come Play Cricket!

About Us

Come Play Cricket!

Junior & Youth Registration Summer 2023-2024

Junior & Youth Registration Fee

  • Age - 5-6, $80.00 School Years 1-2. Fun skill sessions.
  • Age - 7-8, All, $80.00 School years 3-4 – Pairs Cricket
  • Age - 9-10, All, $80.00 School years 5 & 6 Softball
  • Age - 9-12, All, $140.00 T20 Hard Ball Games
  • Age - 13-16, All, $170.00 T20 Hard Ball Games

Senior Grades Registration Summer 2023-2024

Senior Grades Registration Fee

  • Age - 18-21, $200.00 Senior Men - One Day Grades
  • Age - Above 21, $240.00 Senior Men - One Day Grades
  • Age - Above 21, $200.00 Men T20's Saturday
  • Age - Above 21, $200.00 Men T20's Sunday
  • Age - 18-21, $200.00 Men T20's Open

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Senior Registration

Junior Registration

Covid-19 FAQs:


Saurabh Sharma
Phone: 021 155 0872

Deputy Chairman

Mohit Kumar
Phone: 021 202 7502


Raman Singh
Phone: 022 085 9891


Dinesh Kashyap

Sports Coordinator Manager For Juniors

Wayne Saville
Phone: 0210 884 3044

Sports Coordinator Manager For Seniors

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Flatbush Cricket Club

Once you make a donation please contact us and we will arrange to send you a tax receipt as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support!

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